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  • [Industry news] Commercial plywood

    Commercial plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture, and it is a kind of man-made wood board. The number of layers or multi-layer board-like materials, layer-by-layer veneer, usually with odd layers of single fiber direction vertical and vertical plywood.1:IntroductionOne of the c

  • [Industry news] Fire retardant MDF

    Fire retardant MDFFire retardant MDFis made of wood fiber or other plant fiber and applied with urea formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesives. In the spraying section, as in sizing, flame retardant is added to the production line to make plates with a density in the range of 500 ~ 880Kg / m3

  • [Industry news] MR MDF

    The moisture-proof board can distinguish the state state MDF-FN-MR and the standard high state state MDF-FN-HMR according to the environment. The high-temperature moisture-proof board is also the resident indoor moisture-proof board, or it refers to the outdoor environment with protective meas

  • [Industry news] Features of Plywood

    Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer board-like material made of wood pieces that are peeled into veneer or sliced into veneer from wooden squares, and then glued with adhesive. Usually, odd-numbered veneers are used and adjacent layers of veneers are used. The fiber direction is perpendicular to

  • [Industry news] Film faced plywood introduce

    The building template is a kind of frame structure, which is used to protect the supporting frame. In order to be able to apply this kind of template better, the steel structure building template generally used in construction, this kind of template is strong and can be used for building materials s

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