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  • [Industry news] Hollow Plastic Formwork Introduction in Detail

    Hollow plastic building formwork is a kind of energy-saving and green environmental protection product, pp plastic combined with macromolecule nano-technology.It is a new product after wood formwork, composite steel formwork, bamboo-wood bonding formwork and all-steel large formwork. It is energy sa

  • [Industry news] Oriented Strand Board

    The origin of "OSB" -- OSB is OrientedStrandBoard (OSB), which is a new type of board from Europe and developed rapidly in the 1970s and 1980s.The application of "OSB board in furniture has been unprecedented development, many large furniture enterprises have begun to use "OSB" furniture, which is f

  • [Industry news] Film Faced Plywood in Current Situation

    As we know Film faced plywood is a lightweight, durable and eco-friendly system that provides high quality concrete cast surface. It is prepared by combining the specially prepared three layers on top of each other. Film faced plywood is applicable wherein a large surface needs be coated with a ligh

  • [Industry news] MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) Uses

    Unlike particleboard, with which it is sometimes confused, medium density fiberboard (MDF) cuts well and has a smooth surface that is ideal for painting. (Particleboard, by contrast, makes use of ordinary sawdust rather than fibrous wood, and as a result, is less water-resistant and offers less stru

  • Features of Particle Board

    Particle board (Particle board) is also called particle board, particle board, bagasse board. It is made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials. After applying adhesive, it is glued under heat and pressure. It is also called particle board. . Mainly used in furniture manufacturing, construction

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