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  • [Industry news] Quality Requirements for Film Faced Plywood

    Quality Requirements for Film Faced PlywoodFilm Faced Shuttering Plywood is cost effective and a super finisher.In total it saves over 40 percent in finishing costs, which is a boom for construction industry.Poplar throughout plywood, overlaid with film to provide a tough, durable finish. Available

  • [Industry news] Black film faced plywood

    Black film faced plywoodThe film faced plywood is one kind of plywood sandwich that is made from Melamine/WBP resin glued and laminated thin wood veneers and with both sides hot coated by phenolic film papers, which can be made into different sizes and thickness according to different using conditio

  • [Industry news] What is Film Faced Plywood and Application?

    Film Faced Plywood ApplicationWhat is Film Faced Plywood and Application?Film Faced Plywood is an exterior Plywood used in building and construction projects,bearing the self-weight of the building formwork and external loads acting on it. The purpose of the formwork project is to ensure the quality

  • [Industry news] Introduction of Red Film faced plywood

    Introduction of Red Film faced plywoodNowadays.Due to its durability film faced plywood is widely used in construction and building and vehicle industry , so what is the film faced plywood? What are the precautions when using Film faced plywood? Let's take a look at the detailed introduction!Main Po

  • [Industry news] What are the main uses of MDF?

    What are the main uses of MDF?Mdf wood is currently used quite a lot in furniture products. However, for many wood consumers Mdf is still quite strange. In the process of designing and constructing furniture An Viet House often receives customers’ questions related to wood MDF: What is Wood MDF? Woo

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