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Home / News / Industry news / What is laminate board board used for?

What is laminate board board used for?

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Laminate board products are composed of two or more layers of resin-impregnated fibers or fabrics that are laminate board, combined with heat and pressure. laminate board products can be processed into various insulation and structural parts, which are widely used in motors, transformers, high and low voltage electrical appliances, electrical instruments and electronic equipment. laminate boards can be plates, tubes, rods or other shapes.

Laminated Board

This article contains the following:

• Different types of laminate board

• Application of laminate board

• Edit with notes

1.Different types of laminate board

The performance of the laminate board depends on the substrate and adhesive and the molding process. According to its composition, characteristics and heat resistance, laminate board products can be divided into the following two.

(1) Organic substrate laminate boards-with wood pulp insulation paper, cotton fiber paper, cotton cloth, etc. as reinforcement materials. Long-term use temperature can reach 120 ℃, and synthetic fiber products have also been developed as reinforcement materials.

(2) Inorganic substrate laminate boards-with inorganic glass fiber cloth, alkali-free glass fiber felt, etc. as reinforcement materials. Long-term use temperature is 130 ~ 180 ℃, and even higher temperature, which varies with the adhesive resin.

laminate board plastic products are divided into laminate boards, laminate board tubes, laminate board rods and molded laminate boards according to shape and use. Copper-clad laminate boards for printed circuits and adhesive paper capacitor bushing cores as capacitor bushings for high-voltage electrical appliances are two special types of laminate board plastic products.

2.Application of laminate board

Phenolic laminate board paper cloth board has high mechanical strength, good moisture resistance and heat resistance, good electrical properties (cloth board is worse), easy to process, and is widely used in electrical products. The density of phenolic laminate board paper and cloth board is about 1.35g/cm & sup3;, which is half lighter than aluminum. It is widely used in aviation and other structures.

The products can resist chemical corrosion, organic solvent, organic acid and dilute inorganic acid. They are suitable for many chemical equipment, but not for alkaline medium.

laminate board cardboard can withstand sawing, drilling, turning, milling, planing and other processing. After processing, there shall be no cracks and slag falling. For punching with thickness less than 3mm, heating is not required for cold punching. For general models, preheating is required before punching. They are respectively used for insulation parts of high and low voltage electrical machinery and electronic industry.

The processing performance of cloth board is better than that of paperboard and glass cloth board, and the adhesive strength and impact strength are higher than that of paperboard, but the water absorption is large, the electrical insulation is reduced after moisture absorption, and it is easy to grow mold, so it is not suitable for use in hot and humid areas. Therefore, it is generally used as the insulation structural parts of low-voltage motor, such as washers, slot wedges, screws, etc. There are many kinds of glass cloth board, and its performance varies with the adhesive resin. Compared with other laminate boards, glass cloth board has higher mechanical strength and heat resistance. Under the high temperature action, its bending, tensile and impact strength is lower, but still higher than that of rubber cardboard and rubber cloth board.

Melamine glass cloth has high strength, arc resistance and flame resistance, especially suitable for marine electrical appliances. Epoxy phenolic glass cloth, silicone epoxy glass cloth, diphenyl ether glass cloth, polyimide glass cloth, polyamine imide glass cloth, etc. have good dielectric properties, high heat resistance and fire resistance, so it is a good dielectric insulating material. Among them, epoxy phenolic glass cloth is the most widely used.

Glass cloth plate is widely used in electrical, construction, chemical, electronic, aircraft, aerospace, automobile, electric vehicle and ship industries due to its excellent performance in many aspects

3.Edit with notes

(1) It should be kept away from light, otherwise, the light note will cause color change of products and may cause warpage of plates.

(2) It is not suitable to store in the warehouse with high temperature, such as over 40 ℃ humidity or corrosive gas, because this will cause the performance of the plate to decline, warpage and discoloration.

(3) It should be laid flat to prevent warpage.

(4) Pay attention to orientation characteristics. Laminate board products have two directions: vertical and horizontal. In general, the vertical direction is superior to the horizontal direction (high strength warpage, small size change, etc.). In particular, the square plate shall be stored in a consistent direction (pay attention to the direction sign of the manufacturer).

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