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Home / News / Industry news / What is plywood plywood specifications

What is plywood plywood specifications

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Plywood bintangor can be said to be used in home renovations. Plywood is a relatively small piece of household materials. It is cut from a wooden section into veneers or from a wooden planer to cut into thin wood, and then glued together to form three or more layers. The layered material is often used in many furniture and is also a type of wood-based panel. The next small series for everyone to introduce what is the plywood and plywood specifications . 

What is Plywood

The plywood is a veneer or a thin plate that has been cut into pieces from a wooden section, and is then plated with an adhesive, and is usually an odd number of veneers, so that the fibers of adjacent veneers are glued perpendicular to each other. It is a kind of wood-based board that is more commonly used. It often has plywood, plywood, etc. Plywood can improve the utilization of wood, which is a major way to save wood. 

Plywood specifications

Plywood is a three- or multi-layer plate-like material that is peeled into wood veneer or sliced from wood to thin wood, and then glued to form three or more layers of plate-like material. Usually, odd-numbered layers of veneers are used and adjacent layers are veneered. The fibers are oriented perpendicular to each other. The general length and width of plywood is 1220×2440mm, and its thickness specifications are generally: 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, and 18mm. 

Plywood classification

1. Plywood for Finishing: This type of plywood is mainly used for furniture requiring surface coating of transparent paint, sewing machine board and various electrical enclosures.

2. Decoration plywood: This type of plywood is mainly used as decoration materials for buildings, furniture, vehicles and ships.

3, the general use of plywood: This type of plywood is suitable for packaging, padding and other uses.

4. Thin wood decorative plywood: This type of plywood is mainly used as advanced decorative materials for buildings, furniture, vehicles, and ships.

The use of plywood

Plywood is a good way to improve the current utilization rate, and it is one of the most effective ways to save wood in China. Mostly used for furniture, sometimes it is also used to make large-scale equipment, such as aircraft, ships, trains, cars and so on.

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