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What is fancy MDF

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Maybe you know what MDF is, do you know a new type of MDF- fancy MDF? This kind of MDF has been widely used in some industries. If you want to master the first information, I will tell you some.Maybe you will know more about this product and use it in advance.

you will know as following:

Definition of MDF

What is fancy MDF?

Classification of fancy MDF


Definition of MDF

fancy MDF

Medium-density fiberboard is a board made of wood fiber or other vegetable fiber, which is coated with urea-formaldehyde resin or other synthetic resin under the conditions of heat and pressure, and has a density of 0.50-0.88g/cm3. It can also be added to other suitable materials. Additives to improve sheet properties.


Medium-density fiberboard has good physical and mechanical properties and processing properties, and can be made into sheets of different thicknesses, so it is widely used in furniture manufacturing, construction, and interior decoration. Medium density fiberboard is a homogeneous porous material with good acoustic properties and is a good material for making speakers, TV casings and musical instruments. In addition, it can also be used for ships, vehicles, sports equipment, floors, wall panels, partitions, etc. instead of natural wood. It has the characteristics of low cost, simple processing, high utilization rate and more economical than natural wood.


Medium-density fiberboard is a man-made board made of sapwood, small-diameter material, fast-growing material and bamboo and other plant materials with limited wood resources. The comprehensive utilization rate of wood is high, which is in line with China's forestry development policy and is conducive to sustainable forestry in China. Implementation of the development strategy.


What is fancy MDF? 

Fancy MDF, a decorative MDF sheet, is also an engineered wood plywood. By breaking hard or softwood residues into wood fibers, usually in a fiber remover, it is combined with a wax and a resin binder, and formed by applying a high temperature and high pressure to form a sheet. Fancy MDF is usually denser than fancy plywood.


Fancy MDF is generally more expensive than ordinary MDF. In order to save costs, most customers only need ordinary MDF, and those who require a little higher will choose fancy MDF.


Classification of fancy MDF

1. Indoor Fancy MDF (referred to as indoor type plate) is a medium density fiberboard that does not have the effect of short-term water immersion or high humidity. The plate color is identified as the color.


2. indoor moisture-proof fancy MDF (referred to as moisture-proof plate), is a fancy MDF with short-term experience of cold water impregnation or high humidity, suitable for indoor kitchen, bathroom and other environmental use. The board color is marked in green.


3. Outdoor Fancy MDF (referred to as outdoor slab) is a fancy MDF that has the function of aging due to climatic conditions, water immersion or exposure to water vapor damp heat in a ventilated place. The board color is marked in gray.


The performance of fancy MDF varies greatly depending on the type of raw materials and manufacturing process. It is divided into three grades according to product technical indicators: excellent products, first-class products and qualified products. In the national standards, the specified mechanical properties include: static bending strength, internal bonding strength, elastic modulus, board surface and plate edge holding screw force; physical properties include: density, water content, water absorption thickness expansion rate. Chemical performance indicators are: formaldehyde emission and so on.


You can choose different layers of fancy MDF for your product or other purposes. As a decorative MDF, you can also bring you the overall beauty. If you have any other questions, you can consult us.


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