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Home / News / Industry news / Type of commercial plywood laying

Type of commercial plywood laying

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Plywood is the finished product that manufacturers bond together plywood. It is worth noting that the veneers can also have different thicknesses. Depending on your location, some parts of the home must meet specific standards, the number of plywood required, a certain depth, especially with exterior walls and roofs.


The 3rd layer is one of the most common plywood. This plywood has three layers, is highly layered and durable, but has more plywood than plywood. It looks more decorative and is a good choice for indoor use.


 The 5-layer wood chip has five layers of wood. This is another commonly used plywood for projects that require less durability and strength than external use.


Multilayer plywood is primarily used for exterior and roofing. It can include several veneers, usually seven or more, creating an incredibly powerful, indomitable frame, a home that can withstand the wind and destruction.

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