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Home / News / Industry news / The features and uses for laminated MDF
Home / News / Industry news / The features and uses for laminated MDF

The features and uses for laminated MDF

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The MDF veneer veneer has the following characteristics: The veneer has rich decorative effects. The block material used for veneer is rich in colors and varieties. Some varieties are widely used indoors for their delicate texture, such as ceramic tiles; some varieties are suitable for exterior walls, such as facing tiles, because of their extensive texture. In the larger lobby of the public building, you can also use rich-textured facing bricks and painted pottery slabs to decorate the walls, all of which can achieve good architectural decorative art effects. The MDF veneer is durable, stable in color, easy to wash, corrosion-resistant and waterproof. fair price. However, some varieties of MDF veneers have disadvantages such as large block color difference and large size error, high paving technical requirements and low texture glazed tiles, such as easy peeling off.

The surface of the veneer density board is smooth and flat, the material is fine, and the decoration is good. First of all, veneer MDF is mainly used for laminate flooring, door panels, partition walls, furniture, etc.Then, high-density boards are generally used for indoor and outdoor decoration, office and civil furniture, audio, and vehicle interior decoration; in addition, they can also be used as antistatic floors, wall panels, anti-theft doors, wall panels, and partitions in computer rooms. It is also a good material for packaging.

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