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Home / News / Industry news / Scope of application of marine plywood

Scope of application of marine plywood

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Speaking of plywood, everyone must understand, because it often appears in our lives. Generally, the furniture used in our life has plywood. Not only that, it also appears in aircraft, ships and other places. It can be seen from this that plywood is really important to us humans.

This article contains the following:

• What is marine plywood

• Scope of application of marine plywood

• Instructions for use of marine plywood

• Types of plywood

• Plywood grading

1.What is marine plywood

Marine Plywood

Marine plywood is a high-strength, seawater-resistant laminate made of phenolic resin as an adhesive.

2.Scope of application of marine plywood

1.Shipbuilding industry manufacturing; car body manufacturing; offshore drilling platforms; offshore structures such as docks and ports.

2. Modification of special vehicles: such as luxury motor homes, luxury cars, frozen vehicles, containers, etc.

3. Outdoor wooden structure building, wooden structure house, villa wall and floor, outdoor garden furniture, equipment packaging, etc.

4.Outdoor open-air stage, large-scale exhibition decoration project, various high-end buildings and decoration projects, etc. 

5.High-end audio production, high-end waterproof furniture production, wooden floor substrate, wooden floor cushion, etc.

3.Instructions for use of marine plywood

When unloading, use four wooden husks with a height of about 100 mm at the bottom of the board.

The board should be stored in a dry, ventilated environment avoiding direct sunlight.

When pasting various decorative materials on the surface of the board, please clean the dust, dirt, oil stains, etc. on the surface of the board first, and then use 360 carpentry sandpaper to smooth it, and paste it with professional adhesives for facing materials. If the air humidity is greater than 80%, it is not appropriate to carry out the construction of pasting decorative materials.

When processing, it is recommended that you take a few sheets before testing, before batch processing and production.

4.Types of plywood

According to the decorative surface, decorative veneer plywood can be divided into single-sided decorative veneer plywood and double-sided decorative veneer plywood; according to water resistance, it can be divided into type I decorative veneer plywood and type II decorative veneer. Veneer plywood and Class III decorative veneer veneer plywood; according to the texture of decorative veneer can be divided into radial decorative veneer veneer plywood and chord decorative veneer veneer plywood. Common is single-sided decorative veneer veneer plywood. The commonly used materials for decorative veneer are birch, ash, oak, shuiqinggang, elm, maple, walnut and so on.

5.Plywood grading

China's decorative veneer veneer plywood standard stipulates that decorative veneer veneer plywood is divided into three grades of excellent products, first-class products and qualified products. Here we remind manufacturers and consumers that other grading forms do not comply with China's decorative veneer veneer plywood standards. For example, some manufacturers have a rating of "AAA", which is an enterprise behavior.

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