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Oriented Strand Board

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The origin of "OSB" -- OSB is OrientedStrandBoard (OSB), which is a new type of board from Europe and developed rapidly in the 1970s and 1980s.

The application of "OSB board in furniture has been unprecedented development, many large furniture enterprises have begun to use "OSB" furniture, which is favored by consumers because of its formaldehyde free release, strong and durable, and lighter weight and better flatness than the furniture made by MEDIUM density fiberboard.

Compared with plywood, MDF and block board, OSB has low linear expansion coefficient, good stability, uniform material and higher screw holding force.Because its shavers are arranged in a certain direction, its longitudinal flexural strength is much greater than the transverse, so it can be used as structural materials, and can be used as a force member.In addition, it can be sawed, sand, planer, drill, nail, file and other processing like another wood, is a good material for building structure, interior decoration and furniture manufacturing.The disadvantage is that the thickness stability is poor, mainly because the size of the shavings is different, the direction and Angle of the shavings in the paving process cannot be guaranteed to be completely horizontal and uniform, and a certain density gradient will be formed, which has a certain influence on the thickness stability.

Without Formaldehyde release advantage is accepted by the market as the most promising in the future, "OSB" has broad space for use and development.It is formaldehyde-free release this advantage in the market, the main can be used for: floor, walls and roof, h-beam, isolation plate structure and storage of goods, packing boxes, pallet, goods shelves, desktop for industrial use, decorative wall panels, prefabricated concrete forming, container flooring, bowling alley, etc. After processing, it replaces joinery board, three-ply board, five-ply board, building template, fireproof board, decorative board and medium density fiberboard.The lining board between real wood floor and keel, or make the base material of compound wood floor.Structural panels for furniture and kitchenware.Building linings, interior panels, heat insulation panels, sound-absorbing panels, ceilings, wallboards.Construction with retaining plates, ditch formwork, backing plate, etc.After the surface layer of "OSB" is affixed with a single surface, it can be used for plain board, bottom plate of drawer, box, box, cabinet partition, floor board, bed board, etc.

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