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Home / News / Industry news / How to fix laminated particle board?

How to fix laminated particle board?

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The laminated particle board can be said to be used in many of our lives, especially in the home. However, the time is long. Due to improper protection or damage to the living environment, there may be some damage to the laminated particle board. How to fix it is also a problem.


About laminated particle board

Steps to fix the laminated particle board


About laminated particle board

Particleboard is a low-density fiberboard form consisting of wood chips, wood chips and paper products with the addition of a binder. The mixture is then pressed into a shape and the particle board is the final result. A few years ago, this material was very fragile and easily damaged. However, new manufacturing techniques and added products have made it even stronger, and now it can. Use for wall coverings, floors or furniture. Although the particle board is stronger, it can still be chipped or chipped, and there is no reason to replace it because it can be fixed with a simple material and a small amount of time.

laminated particle board

Steps to fix the laminated particle board

Step 1 - Evaluate damage

The type of damage caused to the laminated particle board will determine the correct route to fix it. If any debris is still attached due to the veneer, then don't delete it. Hanging it up will make it easier to install it in the right place than when you are apart. If there is a complete piece missing, then put the largest piece to the location and it is disconnected. Try to install it as much as possible. Collect the crumb boards around, but discard anything too small.


Step 2 - Paste the broken pieces

If the debris is still attached to the laminated particle board, dry it first to determine how well it sits. The glue syringe is then filled with wood glue and applied to the piece and to the piece itself. Wait a few minutes, the glue will become sticky and press in place. Tape the heavier pieces to the particle board. This is especially important when trying to repair a table or other type of furniture, but it is not important for fixing the floor and walls. Finally, the pieces are forced together so that they get the best fit, so the glue is fast.


Step 3 - Make sure the pieces are dry.

Wood glue takes a long time to shape. Regardless of what is the drying time on the label, it must be doubled for safety reasons. You can never control the humidity in the air or the moisture in the laminated particle board, which will greatly affect the drying time of the wood glue, so it is best to give the glue enough time. You will also want to wrap the laminated particle board and debris in plastic. This way, if any excess glue is squeezed out of the gap, it will not stick to anything and it will still be wet.

Put your wooden block on plastic wrap. Place its center on the broken pieces and then clip them together. This will allow the two parts to be together for a long enough time to cure and dry the wood glue. If you are repairing the floor, then wrap a piece of plastic on the floor and support a heavy piece of stone on the floor. Once your glue is long enough, open the clip and test the strength of the repair. If the glue is still wet, or the seam still feels weak, strengthen it and let it dry again until you are satisfied.

laminated particle board


Perhaps the quality of the laminated board or Laminated MDF you bought is good, but there may still be some damage. If you learn the above fixes, then you don't have to spend a portion of the money to replace them.


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