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Home / News / Industry news / How to Clean fancy Plywood ?

How to Clean fancy Plywood ?

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If you have furniture made of fancy plywood at home, do you want to restore it by cleaning and polishing? The role of cleaning it is to make it look old and not clean. The following is a method of cleaning fancy plywood.

main point:

Why clean fancy plywood?

Method of cleaning fancy plywood

Cleaning after cleaning


Why clean fancy plywood?

Fancy plywood is prone to fading and discoloration as the use time increases. Such plywood has lost the overall aesthetic, so cleaning is necessary to make them look better and return them to their original state, but this is not a very complicated or difficult task that can be performed at home.


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Method of cleaning fancy plywood


Clean the cabinet with a rag. Remove any dirt that may settle and grease or other residue on the plywood. If there is a large amount of grease on the plywood, fill a spray can with a degreaser and spray onto the entire plywood. Wait a few minutes for the cleaner to settle down. Then, using a brush, you can clean the fancy plywood with a gentle brush stroke. You can also use sandpaper to remove stubborn residue or stains from the plywood surface. Once you have polished the surface, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the wood particles.



Once you clean with a skim cleaner and wipe plywood, the next step is to rinse the cabinet water and let the furniture dry thoroughly. Air drying is usually the best way to dry furniture. However, if the wood is old, it is best not to let it use water. Instead, you can wipe the rag with your hands and remove oil and chemicals.


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Apply a cloth to the dresser. Use the chemical on the fancy plywood to make it circular and continue to rub around the wood. If you overuse the restorer, you can remove it with a clean, damp cloth.



Once the fancy plywood is clean and the stains disappear, you can restore the original luster to the plywood. While recovery can help bring back some of the original color cabinets, you can use linseed oil to make a lustrous wood. Cook the linseed oil for a few minutes and let it cool. Then, cover the entire plywood with a brush. This not only gives the fancy of the fancy plywood, but it also coats the plywood with a protective coating to prevent it from being stained again. As the coating may wear over time, the cleaning and repair process must be repeated every few years. Linseed oil is one of the best choices to prevent stains from damaging your plywood.


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Cleaning after cleaning

Use fancy plywood to make the furniture of the face. Do not rinse with water during normal cleaning to prevent the splint from degumming. Generally, the stain can be removed with detergent, then wipe it with a soft damp cloth; in addition, maintain the plywood furniture in daily life. Also have to pay attention to the following major points:


1. Plywood furniture should be placed in a stable position to prevent damage to the blink structure.

2. Do not expose the plywood to sunlight to prevent deformation.

3, should not be placed in a humid and non-ventilated place, otherwise it is easy to get wet and deteriorate.

4, large wardrobes and other furniture, the top of the cabinet can not put heavy objects, otherwise it is easy to make the door frame deformation.

5. If there is crack in the furniture of plywood, apply the putty and pigment to mix well and flatten it to prevent the crack from extending and expanding.

6. When cleaning the surface of plywood furniture, avoid washing with alkaline water and boiling water to prevent damage to the paint surface.

7. If the surface of the furniture is stained with alkaline water or stains, wipe it off with water and then apply light wax.


When you clean fancy plywood, you may want to revert to the original new plywood, but this is almost very difficult, you can only make it look very clean. Although it is not difficult to clean fancy plywood furniture, it is certainly time consuming. You can also clean your plywood or fancy board in the same way.


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