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Home / News / Industry news / How should fancy plywood's color be chosen for different situations?
Home / News / Industry news / How should fancy plywood's color be chosen for different situations?

How should fancy plywood's color be chosen for different situations?

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In the usual renovation, will you be distressed by the pattern of the wood you choose and the overall style of the decoration and the style you want. When you choose our fancy plywood, I can give you more advice.


Consideration when choosing

Installation after selecting fancy plywood



Consideration when choosing


1. When choosing, consider the needs of the paint process. Generally, the brush varnish is to reflect the natural color of the wood pattern, it is not suitable to choose the fancy plywood of the red willow panel, but should choose the beautiful fancy plywood of teak and ash. If the paint is covered with strong paint, you can choose red willow or other plain panels.


2. There are many fancy plywoods produced by domestic joint ventures on the market. Most of them are made of imported oak, rosewood, teak and domestic ash and beech wood veneer veneer. The pattern and color are beautiful and natural.


3. You should choose the appropriate fancy plywood variety according to the overall layout, style and color of the decoration. If the selected veneer is to match the color of the interior furniture, the color of the two should be close to each other.


4.should consider the occasional use, such as the package of solid wood doors to buy plywood without obvious color difference, cracks, scars; in the kitchen hanging cabinets should choose the moisture-resistant ash plywood, but can not choose the moisture-proof, degummed veneer decorative board .

 fancy plywood

Installation after selecting fancy plywood


Install a plywood to give the house a new look and protect the building's materials from stress and pressure. When you choose the style that suits your decoration, you can start the installation, but there are still many places you need to know in advance.


Select the thickness of the fancy plywood

Fancy plywood comes in a range of different thicknesses and styles, from cheaper thin edges, which will help make your house beautiful outside, but won't withstand bad weather or protect the house. Thinner fancy plywood usually bends and warps after a few months of installation, so if you plan to have a long-lasting plywood on the outside, you need to invest in something thicker. In order to get the best results from your device, you should try to ensure its weather resistance.


Preparing the House

Cover your home with some sealant and cover all the cracks in the windows, doors and corners of the house with a tight seal. This will prevent water from entering the fancy plywood and causing it to warp and will also prevent mold and decay from forming on the sides of your house after the siding.


Install Siding

When you do this, you are ready to install fancy plywood. You should climb up from the bottom of the house until the roof. When you slide the grooves together, nail them into place with aluminum screws or nails. This will ensure that the fancy plywood is joined together while keeping the nails hidden. Place the nails on the nails on the wall instead of nailing them between the nails to provide sufficient strength to the panels.


Once you have fancy plywood installed, make sure you use a layer of cork in the surrounding area to make sure you get the best protection for your fancy plywood. Use outdoor or waterproof caulking to ensure that fancy plywood is resistant to water and wind damage.




Whether you want to choose plywood or laminated board, do you want them to match your decoration, we will solve these problems for you.


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