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Home / News / Industry news / High Density Fiberboard

High Density Fiberboard

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    High density fiberboard with its excellent physical properties, compatible with all the advantages of MDF, is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, office, high-grade furniture, audio, advanced car interior decoration, also can be used as the computer room anti-static floor, wall panels, anti-theft doors, wall panels, partition and other materials. It is also a good material for packaging.In recent years, it has replaced high-grade hardwood directly processed into composite flooring and laminate flooring;It is also used in the cargo protection rack in the process of transportation, as well as in modern home decoration frameless paintings. For example, the national registered trademark visual life frameless paintings are used in this way to make home life more environmentally friendly.General high density panels are mostly used in custom furniture.

    With the improvement of the current people's living standard, people's health consciousness, environmental protection consciousness and aesthetic consciousness constantly strengthen, high density fiberboard, as a new type of man-made board, wood is the best substitute, widely used in building materials, furniture, home appliances, instruments, home decoration, etc., is a kind of a variety of USES new materials of high quality and low price, high density board products are very popular with the masses of the people.

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