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Fire retardant MDF

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Fire retardant MDF

Fire retardant MDFis made of wood fiber or other plant fiber and applied with urea formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesives. In the spraying section, as in sizing, flame retardant is added to the production line to make plates with a density in the range of 500 ~ 880Kg / m3.

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Fire retardant MDF has good physical and mechanical properties and processing properties, and can be made into plates with different thickness. Therefore, it is widely used in furniture manufacturing, construction, interior decoration, shipbuilding and automobile lamp industries. Flame retardant MDF is a homogeneous porous material with good acoustic performance. It is a good material for making speakers, TV shells and musical instruments. In addition, it can also be used for ships, vehicles, sports equipment, floors, wallboards and partitions to replace natural wood. It has the characteristics of low cost, simple processing, high utilization rate and more economy than natural wood.

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Fire retardant MDF is an artificial board made of branch wood, small-diameter wood, fast-growing wood and bamboo and other plant raw materials with limited wood resources. It has a high comprehensive utilization rate of wood, conforms to China's forestry development policy and is conducive to the implementation of China's forestry sustainable development strategy. Its main features and performance include:

1. Uniform internal structure, moderate density, good dimensional stability and small deformation.

2. The physical and mechanical properties such as static bending strength, internal bonding strength, elastic modulus, holding screw force on the surface and edge of the board are better than those of particleboard.

3. The surface is flat and smooth, which is convenient for secondary processing. It can paste rotary cutting veneer, planing veneer, paint paper and impregnated paper, or directly paint and print decoration.

4. The width of Fire retardant MDF is large, and the board thickness can also be changed in the range of 2.0 ~ 35mm. It can be produced according to different purposes.

5. Good machinability. The machinability of sawing, drilling, tenoning, grooving and sanding is similar to that of wood, and some are even better than wood.

6. It is easy to carve and mill furniture parts into various profiles and shapes. The processed special-shaped edges can be directly painted without edge sealing.

7. Chemical agents such as waterproof agent, fireproof agent and preservative can be added in the production process of refractory MDF to produce flame-retardant MDF for special purposes.

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The performance of Fire retardant MDF varies greatly due to different types of raw materials and manufacturing processes. According to the product technical indexes, the physical properties of Fire retardant MDF produced by Beijing Shanda Huayuan Technology Co., Ltd. are divided into three grades: excellent products, first-class products and qualified products. According to GB / t8625-2005 test method for fire resistance of building materials, it is divided into non combustible materials (Class A), non combustible materials (Class B1), combustible materials (class B2) and flammable materials (class B3), and according to GB8624-2006 classification of combustion performance of building materials and products It is divided into A1, A2, B, C, D, e and F. The mechanical properties specified in the national standard include: static bending strength, internal bonding strength, elastic modulus, holding screw force on the plate surface and edge; Physical performance indexes include density, moisture content, water absorption thickness and expansion rate. Chemical performance indicators include: formaldehyde emission, etc.

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The production technology of Fire retardant MDF is high. It belongs to a modern industry with

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