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Home / News / Industry news / Features of Plywood

Features of Plywood

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    Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer board-like material made of wood pieces that are peeled into veneer or sliced into veneer from wooden squares, and then glued with adhesive. Usually, odd-numbered veneers are used and adjacent layers of veneers are used. The fiber direction is perpendicular to each other and glued together.

    Plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture. It is one of the three major panels of wood-based panels. It can also be used as a material for aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, buildings, and packaging boxes. A group of veneers is usually formed by gluing the adjacent layers of wood grains perpendicular to each other. The surface board and the inner board are usually symmetrically arranged on both sides of the central layer or the core. The number of layers is generally odd, and a few have even numbers.

    The usual length and width specifications are: 1220×2440mm, and the thickness specifications are generally: 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18mm and so on. The main tree species are: beech, camphor, willow, poplar, eucalyptus, etc.


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