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Home / News / Can you paint film faced plywood?

Can you paint film faced plywood?

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Whether you want to spray plywood to make original artwork, or you need to spray plywood floor, it can be successfully completed with a little professional knowledge. Glued plywood is actually similar to any kind of wood. It requires you to use the right tools, prepare the surface, bond the paint, and then apply the paint to achieve a lasting and beautiful surface effect.


This article contains the following:

  • What is film faced plywood

  • Can you paint film faced plywood

  • Basic material of film faced plywood


1.What is film faced plywood

film faced plywood

As the name implies, film faced plywood is plywood covered with film, which is mainly used for construction and cement pouring. That layer of film is not easy to bond with cement. The building template is used on the construction site, mainly the template for cast-in-place concrete ----- the material is divided into wooden template, steel template, bamboo template, machine pressure plate and so on. Plywood is a three-layer or more-thin board made of raw wood by rotary cutting into veneer or wood planed into thin wood and then glued with adhesive. Usually, odd-layer veneers are used, and the fiber directions of adjacent veneers are arranged perpendicularly and glued together. Therefore, there are three-layer, five-layer, seven-layer and other odd-layer plywood. The two things are completely different.


2.Can you paint film faced plywood

Buy paint and primer. When purchasing paints and primers, you need to consider the use of finished surfaces. Will plywood be used for art? Will the final product be a painted plywood floor? Selecting paints and primers that are created for the ultimate purpose of your project will increase the life of the product.

If you want to spray plywood to make artwork, please consider purchasing acrylic primer and coating. These are water-based artists' paints that can be used to create beautiful and detailed images on wood. 

If you are going to spray plywood to use a surface from a writer, such as a painted plywood floor, you will need a more durable coating. Choose acrylic latex paint or oily paint manufactured for the intended purpose. If your small project requires a very smooth surface, consider purchasing paint.


3.Basic material of film faced plywood

The thickness of the substrate is between 0.3-0.5 mm. The thickness of the substrate of general well-known brands is about 0.5 mm.

First grade

The aluminum-magnesium alloy also contains some manganese. The biggest advantage of this material is its good oxidation resistance. At the same time, because of the manganese content, it has certain strength and rigidity. The performance of aluminum processing in the Southwest Aluminum Plant in China is the most stable.

Second grade

Aluminum-manganese alloy, the strength and rigidity of the material is slightly better than aluminum-magnesium alloy. But the oxidation resistance is slightly lower than aluminum-magnesium alloy. If the protective treatment is carried out on both sides, it basically solves the disadvantage that its oxidation resistance is not as good as that of aluminum-magnesium alloys. The aluminum processing performance of domestic West Aluminum and Ruimin Aluminum is most stable.

Third grade

Aluminum alloy, the alloy has less manganese and magnesium content. Therefore, its strength and rigidity are significantly lower than aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy. Because it is soft and easy to process, as long as it reaches a certain thickness, it can basically meet the most basic flatness requirements of smallpox. But its oxidation resistance is obviously not as good as aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy. Moreover, it is easily deformed during processing, transportation and installation.

Fourth grade

Ordinary aluminum alloy, the mechanical properties of this material are not stable.

Fifth grade

Recycling aluminum alloy. The raw material of this kind of plate is aluminum processing factory. The aluminum ingot is melted and tied into aluminum plate, and the chemical composition is not controlled at all. Due to the out-of-control chemical composition, the performance of these materials is extremely unstable, leading to serious unevenness of the product surface, product deformation, and easy oxidation.

In the use of new materials, there are also cases where electro-galvanized sheets are used as base materials for film-coated sheets.

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