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Home / News / Industry news / Application of Film Faced Plywood

Application of Film Faced Plywood

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Application of Film Faced Plywood

Film faced plywood is also called formwork plywood, shuttering plywood, concrete form.

It is the special plywood with two sides coated with a wearable and waterproof film. The film is adhesive impregnated paper, which is different from melamine paper overlay, PVC, MDO (MDO plywood), and HDO (HDO plywood). The function of the film is to protect the inside wood from moisture, water, weather, and extend the plywood’s service life.

Due to increased stability and moisture resistant ability for film faced plywood, this plywood is perfect for outdoor applications such as building exteriors. Its acrylic edges make it long lasting. They hardly distort when used in harsh weather and adverse conditions.

If the exteriors of building are made from film faced plywood then they can last long even in the sunlight.

Hence, this plywood is preferred the most in building and construction.

Another major use is making Shuttering boxes. Ordinary plywood can also be used in construction industry however due to the water resistant ability of this plywood, it is recommended for such boxes as these are used to soothe and restrict wet concrete as it dries.

A shuttering box made from film faced plywood is long lasting. Hence, it can be used several times before being replaced. This saves money as well as keeps things safe.

Normal plywood can carry 680 to 700 kilograms per meter square where as ordinary plywood can carry 650 to 700 kilograms.

Apart from Building and Construction, this is also highly recommended in Industrial development. The major role is in construction and maintenance of dams. It is used to create forming level molding boards and girder molding boards.

These boards need to be water resistant as they have to face fast flowing water. Even after the water flows out, these must remain in their original shape and integrity. The boards can vary in thickness i.e. 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm and 27mm.

Apart from industry, these are widely used in Domestic Applications. When it comes to different stages of making furniture i.e. without warping or undergoing any kind of common effects of mechanical stress, this plywood is suitable due to its water resistance capability.

This is the reason this plywood suits furniture industry the best. Film faced plywood is also known as “Water boiled Plywood” as it can be boiled in water for up to 20 hours without losing its quality or melamine laminated surface.


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