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Home / News / Industry news / Advantages and disadvantages of commercial plywood

Advantages and disadvantages of commercial plywood

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When decorating and purchasing materials, some owners are prone to see materials that have not been paid attention to before, such as plywood. Without knowing the advantages of plywood, it is natural to dare to purchase it rashly. If you want to buy plywood, it is best to be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of plywood and what is the purchase method.

This article contains the following:

• What is commercial plywood

• Advantages of commercial plywood

• Disadvantages of commercial plywood

• What are the ways to buy commercial plywood

Commercial Plywood

1.What is commercial plywood

commercial plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer plate-like material that is formed by turning a wood section into a veneer or a wood planing and then gluing with an adhesive. Usually, an odd number of veneers are used, and the adjacent layers are used The fibers of the veneer are glued perpendicular to each other.

2.Advantages of commercial plywood

1.In the production process of commercial plywood, no saw will be produced, and the utilization rate of wood is relatively high. See if it can effectively save wood.

2. The treatment of commercial plywood is lighter, the texture is clear, the bending resistance is excellent, and it is not prone to deformation. The transportation and construction are more convenient and have a good decorative effect, but the load-bearing capacity is more than that of fine core board Worse.

3. After being boiled, commercial plywood has strong weather resistance, is not afraid of high temperature, and has a long service life. It is widely used on ships, homes, and trains.

3.Disadvantages of commercial plywood

1.The layering effect of commercial plywood makes it porous. Over time, if exposed, the commercial plywood will become heavy and wet.

2. The surface layer of commercial plywood is not as smooth as density, nor as firm as the base layer of MDF.

3. If the commercial plywood is not sufficiently dried or there is a problem with the production process, the external force will be difficult to adjust when the board is deformed.

4.What are the ways to buy commercial plywood

1.The commercial plywood at the seam joint is made of two veneers with different textures. Therefore, we need to pay attention to whether the seam of the commercial plywood is tight when buying commercial plywood. Uneven situation.

2. The appearance of commercial plywood is on both sides of Europe and the United States. When purchasing commercial plywood, you need to see whether the wood grain is clear and whether the front is smooth and smooth, which will not give people a rough feel, and the appearance of the board should not be scratched. , Scars, damage, degumming and other defects.

3. Coordination When purchasing commercial plywood, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the color of the board is harmonized and the texture is consistent. At the same time, the color of the board should also be coordinated with the color of the furniture.

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